Dr. Michelle Heintges Shares Her Personal Diet Habits

Continuing our series on what our doctors are eating for great health, energy and longevity, let’s take a look at how Dr. Michelle Heintges makes her nutrition decisions.

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Diet Plan Q&A With Dr. Michelle Heintges

Q: What type of diet(s) do you follow, and for how long?

A: For about five years, I have been minimizing carbs, processed foods, eating more cooked, fresh foods and eliminating fake foods.

Q: Is this a long-term or short-term diet, and why?

A: This is definitely long term for several reasons. First off, to keep up with my daughters. I have two daughters who play sports, and eating right provides me the energy I need. I also get better sleep and have better overall health!

Q: What are the major health benefits that you’ve experienced with this diet?

A: More energy for sure, my skin is better, and reducing the risk of diabetes, health problems and less bloating!

Q: What are the most-difficult aspects of this diet?

A: Eating out and parties! Going out is hard. Here at work, it is easy, but parties, get togethers, restaurants, anything that deals with going out and being social make it difficult to make smart decisions or have adequate choices.

Q: Specifically who do you recommend this diet to, and why?

A: Everyone! Everyone should be trying to do the whole clean eating! It is not easy, but it’s best for you! All you have to do is start with minor modifications.

Q: What are the misconceptions about this type of diet, and how do you dispel any false rumors?

A: Eating clean is more expensive vs. eating fast, easy foods. Not true!

Q: What is your favorite recipe to make that adheres to this diet? What about your favorite dessert?

A: Luckily, my husband loves to cook, so he takes care of it all at home. One of my favorites that he makes is ceasar salads, since he does everything from scratch: dressing, mayo and all! My second favorite is WINE!


We hope these insights into the eating habits of Dr. Heintges have inspired you to look for areas of improvement in your own diet.

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As with any dietary change, consult your physician, and ask your doctor if you should have lab work done.


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