Dr. Michelle Heintges - Advanced Women's Healthcare in Dallas, TX

Dr. Michelle Heintges is from the “very super, super small town” of Hartshorne, Oklahoma.  She followed her Sooner State beginnings to the University of Oklahoma where she studied business and graduated in 1991.  She moved to the Dallas area and worked in the business world for a few years only to discover it wasn’t fun for her.

As she was confronted with this revelation, her father got very ill and had four liver transplants in the course of two years.  This was the first time she had any exposure to the medical field and became very interested in medicine.  Inspired by this experience, she decided to go back to school to do her prerequisite courses and applied to medical school.  She earned her medical degree from the University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center in 1999 and entered her residency in Obstetrics and Gynecology at Parkland Hospital, where she served as one of the Chief Residents in her final year.  She has been in private practice at Medical City Dallas since 2003.


Dr. Heintges’ has a special interest in pelvic floor reconstruction, menopause and adolescent medicine.

Dr. Heintges is trained in robotics, pelvic floor repair and vaginal rejuvenation.  She has a special interest in adolescent medicine, menopause, post-menopause, complicated obstetrics, gynecologic surgery, and pelvic floor reconstruction.  Dr. Heintges said, “I love my job.  I have tons of fun at my job.  And I really love the people I work with.  What I love most is the relationships I get to have with my patients where I see a patient in high school and then they go to college and then they get married and I get to deliver their babies.  That.  That’s what I love most.”  She especially appreciates the focus on patient education in Obstetrics and Gynecology which isn’t always prevalent in other specialties.

In her free time, Dr. Heintges enjoys spending time outdoors and traveling with her husband, Paul, and their daughters.  She also considers herself a “foodie” and is an avid reader.  In fact, working at a bookstore would be a likely choice if she had to choose another career.  Her daughter has a cat who tolerates Dr. Heintges only because she’s the one who feeds her.

Dr. Heintges is a huge college football fan, especially when it comes to her beloved OU Sooners. She and her husband, a University of Texas graduate, sit on opposite sides of the field for the Red River Showdown, the annual Texas vs. OU football game.

When asked about her future legacy, Dr. Heintges shared that she hopes “patients always feel confident that I was doing the best that I could to take care of them and if I didn’t have the answer, I find out the right answer.”  And she has found the right answer for herself in the pursuit of her medical career which has been fun and respected.