We prefer to see our patients in person, but telehealth appointments are an option in many cases.

The COVID-19 pandemic has created a demand for telehealth care from health providers around the country, and AWH is no exception. Even before the coronavirus crisis, AWH was a provider of telehealth technology for appropriate conditions and care. 

AWH prefers to see all of our patients in person, and we are adhering to all CDC guidelines to ensure a safe and comfortable experience.

Who Can Make a Telehealth Appointment?

Anyone can make a telehealth appointment at AWH, and the good news is that right now insurance companies are covering televisits as if they were in-person doctor visits. However, there is a deadline, so contact our office for more information. 

What Can We Discuss During Televisits?

  • Postpartum depression: Telehealth check-ins are a convenient way for your doctor to follow you post pregnancy. Even for women who are not feeling symptoms of depression right away, remote video appointments are a good way to monitor for symptoms in the weeks following childbirth.
  • Follow up on well-woman exams: Obviously, your doctor needs you to be in the office for your actual exam, but following up on blood work and other screenings works well during a remote telemedicine visit. These remote visits also give OB/GYNs the opportunity to discuss your personal details to help you improve your over health, which is especially important when abnormal results are found. 
  • Family planning: Telehealth visits are a good time to discuss family planning options, whether you’re managing birth control doses, not yet wanting to have children, modifying lifestyle treatment plans, or adjusting hormone-based medications.  

Learn more about our Telehealth option.

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