3 Reasons to Use a Period Tracker From The Staff at AWH 

We use our smartphones to track the weather, our favorite sports teams and the latest deals on Amazon.

So, why not use these handy gadgets to track our periods? AWH Dallas recommends using a period tracker for a variety of health and convenience reasons.

A favorite among AWH Dallas employees is the Period Tracker app (available for iPhone and Android). The free version has a ton of great features. The paid version has even more robust functionality, including forums and customizable skins.

Here are three surefire reasons to use a period tracker.

  1. Track Ovulation
    1. First, tracking ovulation will help you find your normal, including how long your period lasts, how heavy it is and what symptoms you’re having at which points in the cycle.
    2. Second, it will help you determine your best chances of getting pregnant. The app will give you an indication of your fertile days. If you become pregnant, you can use the app to accurately tell your doctor the date of your last period.
  2. Identify Irregular Cycles
    1. It’s good to know when something isn’t quite right. An app will give you the confidence to know when you should talk to your doctor about an abnormality.
  3. Help Your Doctor Track Your Health
    1. The app gives you plenty of space to take notes on a variety of topics, helping you explain to your doctor your cycles and symptoms and even changes in your hormones, sexual activity, libido, weight, temperature and mood. You can export period dates and notes and print them off for your doctor visits.

Period Tracker App Tip:

AWH Dallas recommends giving the app a good six to nine months to track your patterns. You’ll want to make sure the app has a long-term picture of your health before you decide whether or not it’s helpful.

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