Our Patient Portal is Designed to Make Your Life Easier

We have updated our patient portal and want you to be comfortable with the changes. You may have already received information about these changes, including how to create your username and password.

The AWHDallas Portal Account Allows You To:

  1. Check lab results and office visit summaries
  2. View medications and check on refills
  3. Request appointments
  4. Email your physician
  5. Access education, documents and forms
  6. Share your records
  7. And more

Simply visit AWHDallas.com to access your portal account. Call us at 214-238-7888 if you need assistance.

New to the Portal? Here’s some helpful information to help you gain access.

Personal Health Information

When you login to the health portal, you will be taken to the My Health section. Here, you will be able to see an up-to-date summary of your medical information. There is a dropdown menu where you can choose more or less history to view. From this page you can also:

  • Send your Continuity of Care (CCD) document to another care provider by clicking “send health record”
  • Download your Blue Button data as PDF or XML files

By clicking “Visits” in the left sidebar, you can see details of previous doctor visits.

Click “Medication” for a list of current medications as well as ability to request a refill.

Educational Material

The “Patient Education” section is used to pass on any information important from your visit with the doctor. How often have you left a doctor’s office unsure of all the details you were given? The information can be overwhelming! With the Patient Education feature, any educational information that has been added to a visit through Primesuite or Intergy will be available and sorted by the date of your visit.


The “Health History Forms” and “Documents and Forms” sections allow you to access your personal medical forms and any forms needed to fill out prior to your visits and for any follow up appointments. 

Messages From the Doctor

At the top of the portal page, you’ll see an icon labeled “My Messages,” where you can find messages from your doctor. You’ll use this area if you need to contact us for any reason. You’ll click “New,” select who the message is for, the reason for the message, and then write your message. You also have the option to attach a file to the message.


In the “My Appointments” section, you can see a list of all upcoming appointments and appointment requests. This is also where you can request a new appointment.

Contact Information and Billing

In the “My Profile” section, you can edit your contact information and address as well as your insurance information.

You can also conveniently use the “Pay My Bill” section to check your balance and make a payment. 

We hope our patient portal is an empowering tool to help you get the most out of your experience with AWHDallas and have the best control over your health and well being.

If you have any questions about our patient portal, feel free to contact the office during normal business hours at 214-238-7888.

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