It is with great pride that we announce two of our very own physicians have been honored with DFW Child’s 2017 Mom-Approved Doctor award.  Dr. Amy Sigman and Dr. Michelle Heintges, of Advanced Women’s Healthcare, have been selected by local moms in the Dallas-Fort Worth Metroplex as some of their favorite physicians.

A Mom-Approved Doctor is someone parents trust, respect, and admire, and someone they would recommend to other moms.  All physicians who have been awarded this honor are Texas Medical Board certified, and earned this prestige exclusively from exemplifying characteristics that moms find worth sharing with other fellow moms.

Dr. Michelle Heintges has been praised by Dallas Fort Worth moms for her attentiveness and ability to make you feel comfortable throughout what can already be an awkward office visit, merely due to the nature of seeing an OB-GYN.  Dr. Amy Sigman has a long-standing rapport with her patients as a direct result of her kind-hearted and thorough treatment style.

Dr. Heintges has a vested interest in adolescent medicine, pelvic floor rehabilitation, and menopause/post-menopause, to name a few of her areas of expertise.  She loves following her patients through every stage of life – from seeing them in high school to helping deliver the babies of some of those same patients.  As an OB-GYN, she enjoys the opportunity to educate her patients on prevalent health issues, something that medical specialists in other areas may neglect.

Dr. Sigman was the first female doctor to join AWH and enjoys working alongside an all-female physician staff.  She appreciates getting to be such a big part of her patients’ lives as she helps bring babies into this world for some, and surgically fixes the ailments of others.  Her passion for OB-GYN developed after getting to watch her father (also a physician) deliver a baby while she was a high-schooler.

It is clear that the physicians at Advanced Women’s Healthcare are well-respected in the community and come highly recommended by other moms who are current patients.  If you are in need of a new OB-GYN and want to become part of the Advanced Women’s Healthcare family, don’t hesitate to contact us to schedule an appointment at your earliest convenience.  Come and experience for yourself the care and respect you deserve from your OB-GYN in a comfortable and friendly environment.

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