Take Steps to Minimize Your Risk of Breast Cancer

Every woman wants to know what they can do to prevent or lower their risk of getting breast cancer. While we can’t control things like our genetics or aging, there are things you can do to lower the risk getting breast cancer. We’re going to take a look at some preventative steps that you can take on a regular basis for early detection, prevention, and peace of mind. 

Choosing a healthy lifestyle is an important way to prevent breast cancer and many other health issues that could arise. Be active! Regular exercise keeps your body healthy and reduces the risk of cancer. Don’t smoke. According to the Center for Disease Control, smoking is the number one risk factor for lung cancer and can cause cancer almost anywhere in the body. Feed your body well. Eating poorly on a regular basis deprives your body of the nutrients it needs to fight infection, disease, and cancer. 

The Susan G. Komen Foundation, offers these tips to help you reduce your risk of breast cancer:

  • Know your risk factors. Family history plays a huge part in prevention and understanding your personal risk of breast cancer.
  • Get screened. Ask your doctor which screening tests are right for you. Have a mammogram every year, starting at age 40.
  • Know what is normal for your body. If you notice changes in your breasts from a self-breast exam, talk to your doctor. Breast changes include, but are not limited to, lumps, swelling, warmth, change in the size of your breast, dimpling, or pain.
  • Make healthy lifestyle choices. Get your body moving with regular exercise, maintain a healthy weight, and limit alcohol.

Perform regular self-breast exams. Be informed on what to look for and notice any changes.

Be Your Own Advocate For Breast Health

Being proactive about your health and knowledgeable about your body are some of the most important aspects to overall well-being. Be your own advocate. Ask your doctor questions if you have a health concern, especially regarding preventive care and taking the steps needed to improve your health and prevent breast cancer.

At Advanced Women’s Healthcare in Dallas, our OBGYNS are dedicated to bettering the health of our patients, with generations of families returning to our practice. We specialize in obstetrics and gynecology, providing annual health screenings and consultations. We partner with Solis Mammography for our patients’ mammogram needs. Our mission is to provide compassionate and quality healthcare and to help you find the answers you seek.

Preventing breast cancer starts with YOU! Minimize your risk as much as possible by making healthy changes and wise choices in your everyday life. Know your body. Know your risk factors. Take action with your health so you can lead a longer, more flourishing life.

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