Nurse Practitioner Laura Kennedy is a native Texan with roots that began in West Texas.  Her family moved to the Dallas area when she was in the second grade so she proclaims herself a Dallasite.

Laura received a Bachelor of Science in Nursing from Texas Tech University in 2001.  She knew immediately after college that labor and delivery was her calling.  Following her time as a Registered Nurse in Houston and later Medical City Dallas, she became a High Risk Maternal Transport Obstetrics Nurse, also at Medical City.

In fact, her favorite birth story happened on what started as a normal day while she was working in her High Risk role.  She and her partner were called into an emergency room at a facility that did not have a labor and delivery department.  When they walked into the facility, everyone cheered and they went to see their patient who was clearly in pain.  She and her partner calmed the expectant mother down, and Laura delivered her baby because the ER physician had stepped out for just a moment and the baby came quicker than expected.  The delivery went smoothly, and the mother was grateful Laura and her partner were there.  Laura recalls, “The whole thing was super easy. Everything went perfect.  And the patient was so thankful that we were there and that everything went well.”

In the fast-paced, high risk maternal transport world, Laura enjoyed the autonomy and ability to make extremely important decisions for mothers and their babies.  Because of this, she was inspired to pursue her lifelong dream of earning a Master’s of Science in Nursing from South University in Savannah, Georgia, proudly earning honors.

Laura recently joined Advanced Women’s Healthcare after many years of working with the AWH physicians in Medical City’s labor and delivery department.  In fact, Dr. Napier has been her Obstetrician and Gynecologist for many years and delivered her daughter.  Laura is thrilled to be a member of the AWH family.

When she’s not at work, Laura loves to spend time with her husband, son, and daughter.  She likes going to movies and cheering on the Texas Tech Red Raiders in any sport.  She also enjoys playing with her two dogs, Delta, a 13 year old yellow lab, and Gage, a 1 year old rescue mutt.  However, if given her wish, she has always wanted a pet pig.  She loves piglets, but is well aware they grow into very large animals so she is very happy with her sweet pups.  Laura is also “obsessed” with hot air balloons so you may just catch her at a hot air balloon festival.  And if she had to choose something else to do for a living, Laura shared, ”I would be the lady on the travel channel that gets to travel to everywhere, all over the world and do all the touristy things and stay in the fun hotels and eat the fabulous food.”

Laura has always enjoyed her work in labor and delivery.  She looks forward to coming to work every day “to see patients and try and improve their health, the health of their unborn child and have fun with my co-workers.”  When asked about her legacy, Laura said, “I want my patients to know they always felt comfortable coming to me with any complaint, whether it be even related to medicine. That I would be there to listen, to help and to guide them to a better state.”

And throughout her many years of experience as a labor and delivery nurse and now a Nurse Practitioner, she continues to listen, help, and guide her patients every single day.